Bamboo Toothbrush - Kids


This toothbrushes are completely biodegradable and will make your teeth and Mother Earth feel so happy.

Handmade in Taiwan

Length: 14 cm
Width: 1 cm

Handle: bamboo
Bristles: horsehair
100% biodegradable

Bristle strength: medium

Source of the bamboo
The handle is made with Moso bamboo.
This type of bamboo is not eaten by pandas.
Growth to harvest: 3 years (roughly)
Bamboo has a much smaller environmental impact than other woods.
This Moso bamboo comes Chushan in Taiwan.

This toothbrush is SGS certified. 

Source of bristles
The bristles are cut from the mane of the horse, causing no harm or discomfort to the horse.

Each toothbrush is packaged in safely produced and recycled cardboard with soy ink.

Product care
Shake any excess water off the toothbrush after use.
Dry the bamboo handle with a handle
Place the toothbrush flat on top of a cup with the bristles facing down (see the photo in the images for an example)

End of life
Use this toothbrush the same way you would use any toothbrush.
It is recommended (from most dentists) to use a toothbrush for 3 months before changing to a new one.

How we pack
All products delivered from THE BULK HOUSE are delivered plastic-free including our paper + cornstarch sticky tape.

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