Eco Funnel


Eco Funnel

Let's rethink the materials we are bringing into our lives. Stainless steel funnels are beautiful, hygenic and environmental. Great for cooking, filling bottles and using when DIYing your own home-made, chemical free cleaning spray.

Material: Food-grade 304 stainless steel.

Colour: silver

Diameter at the top: 11cm
Diameter at the bottom: 1.5cm
Height of funnel: 10cm
Thickness of funnel: 0.4mm

Additional features:
The funnel also has a stainless steel, mesh filter.
The little handle on the side of the funnel makes it easier and more convenient to use.
Lightweight and strong: 68 grams

Food-grade 304 stainless steel is much safer for you and your family's' health.

It's easy to avoid plastic items in your life.

We learnt from brilliant people, like Bea Johnson, "Don't waste your money on disposables, invest in reusables." Not that people are using single-use funnels, but they are using plastic ones or low-quality ones that people just don't value and cherish as they would stainless steel items.

We believe in beautiful products that you would never consider throwing away.

When we think about buying a new item now, we think about it is an investment, even for small items you buy for your kitchen.

This high-quality eco funnel from THE BULK HOUSE is beautiful, high-quality and is perfect for making your own, DIY cleaning products and, of course, cooking.

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