Dish Brush


Clean dishes, clean environment!

This wooden dish brush has a replaceable head made from wood and plant bristles, so it is fully compostable.

Use this on all items in the kitchen, and with stiff hemp fibres, it is ideal for your pots and pans.

Replacement for: plastic dish brushes and plastic sponges.

Materials: natural beechwood, steel and hemp bristles.

Size: 23cm long

NOTE: sometimes you might find a few green bristles within your dish brush head, but, do not worry, no chemicals have been added to the bristles, these green bristles are natural.

Care instructions: 
Don't immerse the entire dish brush in water for long periods of time. 
When you have finished cleaning your dishes, shake the dish brush into the sink and then leave the dish brush facing downwards on a dry surface, this allows any excess water to fall from the bristles allowing your dish brush head to last longer.

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